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Sara Waijman

Interior designer and architect Sara Waijman is in perpetual pursuit the balance and simplicity that follows strong minimalist design. Her aesthetic combines natural light and open space with thoughtfully constructed forms and design details. A South Florida resident since the mid-1980s, Sara's original passion for design and planning gradually expanded to include custom-built furniture and architectural finishes. Prior to founding SW Designs with Sandra Wodner in 2006, Sara led the Custom Design department for an interior design firm in South Florida, and since 1990, has run her own interior design firm, Sara Waijman Designs.

Sara studied architecture at the University of Belgrano in her native Argentina, where she received her Masters in Architecture in 1984. She an active member of the American Institute of Architects, providing a full range of interior design services.

Sandra Wodner

A native of Argentina, Sandra Wodner has also designed projects in Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile. She began her career at the award-winning Buenos Aires architectural firm Juan Carlos Lopez & Associates, where as a project architect she worked on buildings that evolved the commercial landscape of the city. In 1994, she moved to South Florida, designing a range of institutional, commercial, and residential projects for an architectural firm and later, high-end residential projects as part of an independent design team. She founded SW Designs with Sara Waijman in 2006 in Aventura, Florida.

Sandra graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires in 1988.

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